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stats – frequent checks are then possible to make sure that an attack is awarded a dig, an ace is awarded a reception error, etc. Sitting on your team bench may be more familiar, but the purpose in being there to stat

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Dig error is an option when using different coaching stat programs like istat. Personally, I will indicate a "dig error" when I am using istat to indicate one of my players shanking a dig that rewards the other team with a point. But that is because I am not keeping stats on the other team and rewarding the player with a kill.

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Digging Errors: Total number of dig errors during the game (season). A dig error is given when an attacked ball hits the floor within the area of the player or the player passes an attacked ball that cannot be controlled and returned to the opposing team. D/S: Digs Per Set: The average number of digs per set.

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A service error is given when the serve lands out DE Digging Errors Total number of Bump Volleyball Definition player on the opposing team and leads directly to a point or loss of rally. Your cache the request again. D Digs Total number of acquired during the game (season). They use immediately to a point or loss of rally. http://volleytalk.proboards.com/thread/55718/dig-errors AND THEN PLAYED BY THE DEFENSE IS A DIG. You can do your

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DE – Dig Error – A dig error is assigned to a player that should have gotten a dig, but didn’t OR a player who made a dig that was unplayable because it was out of control. Deep – The back row area of the court is “deep.” To hit the ball deep is to send it to the back row.

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Making Volleyball Statistics Simple Keeping Statistics: Attacks Pitfalls * It is NOT an attack if: * There is a bad set * A player passes ball over the net to keep the ball in play * Freeballs * They’re free, SO DO NOT COUNT THEM AS ANYTHING! * Digs to kills * If a dig flies over the net and drops for a point, it is a dig AND a kill

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When a direct attack is not possible for whatever reason, poor pass, great dig, the player may not be in a good high percentage place or have the ability or role to attack.

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Match-By-Match Team Per-Match Statistics; Sets Played: 65: Kills Per Set: 13.06: Assists Per Set: 12.02: Service Aces Per Set: 1.63: Reception Errors Per Set: 1.42: Digs Per Set: 13.06: Blocks Per Set: 1.91: Ball Handling Errors Per Set: 0.49: Points Per Set: 16.60