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Volleyball defense systems and strategies

A defensive system where one defender – usually the middle back or the setter – play defense behind the block on the 10-foot line (3-meter line). Other names for middle up defense include middle up, middle back-up, 6 up, setter up (very often the "up" person is the back row setter) and red (Keller definition).

Man Up Defense "Man Up" or the Red Defense for Volleyball

Man Up Defense "Man Up" or the Red Defense for Volleyball. The man up defense or "Red" is one of the oldest defensive schemes. It disappeared for years with the popularity of rotational defense. Red defense is making a resurgence lately, and any team coached by an old high school coach is likely to play the Red.

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Rotational Defense for Volleyball

The above graphic shows the rotational defense for defending a set to the outside hitter (the attack coming from the attacker on the left side of the court). When a ball is set high to the outside, the left-front blocker needs to rotate back off the net, about one step behind the 3-meter line and one step inside the sideline. It's okay to give up the radical sharp angle shot that lands inside the 3-meter line.

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Probably the most common way to set up a volleyball block is "blocking by reading the opponent", read blocking. In read blocking blockers read the setter to determine where the setter sends the ball. When blockers see where the ball goes, they react and move to set up the block in front of the hitter.

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On defense in the front row, the setter blocks on the right side against the other team's outside hitter. Once the ball crosses back into your court, get into position to set the ball in transition. On defense in the back row, dig from the right back if necessary. Make sure another player knows you need them to set if you make the dig.

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How to Design an Offense in Volleyball: 6 Offensive Systems

The two setters are lined up opposite each other. Whichever setter is in the front row will be the setter. If they are not in the middle to start the play, they will switch to that spot as the serve is in the air.

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When it comes to starting serving I often like to start with Setter as the first server as this allows the team to have 3 dedicated front row players that will all likely be good blockers. Starting like this also allows the team to have three rotations where there are 3 dedicated front players for attacking.

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There is always a setter to set up plays. Setter in the front row can attack as an attacker by doing a “setter’s dump”. If the setter is in the center, this causes the opponent’s blocks to be more spread out. Very simple to implement into beginner teams because there are not many serve-receive rotations that need to be practiced. Disadvantages