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This is an example of a basic soccer rebounder drill that can be used to warm up (It’s always better to warm up with the ball rather than doing something boring like running round the field!). You can get a good feel for your passing and ahead of your game or session if you’ve already made 100 passes from either foot you will have accumulated more touches than other players who are cold and have an advantage.

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The drill is quite simple, but it does help build your muscle memory. That is, you are training your brain to understand what a good pass feels like. Volleyed Passing . You can use your soccer rebounder to bring your passing to the next level. For example, try volleyed passing and the best way to do it with both the top and sides of your feet.


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SOCCER REBOUNDER WALL DRILLS. CoachingAmericanSoccer.com®. A soccer rebounder wall is a solid, vertical structure, often made of wood or masonry and usually the size of a goal, that allows a player to kick a ball against it and receive the rebound. Also known as a “kickwall” or a “bangboard,” the rebounder wall provides a soccer player with an excellent opportunity to practice ball skills and techniques in the absence of a partner.

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Pass and Shoot. For this exercise you want to set up the rebounder perpendicular to a full size goal. You then want to pass the ball against the rebounder, then strike the ball in one go at goal. Alternatively you can also pass the ball against the rebounder, take a touch to set yourself up, then take a shot.

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This multi-task soccer rebounder is both well-built and versatile. You can use it for any soccer drills you want to do. Then, when you’re done practicing, wind down with a game of badminton or place it over the pool for a game of water volleyball. Construction. The construction of this net is where it really stands out.

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