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The most common injuries in handball - fittoplay.org

Common injuries Ankle sprain Knee injury - ligament injuries, including the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) Muscle strain – groin, thigh Thigh contusion Jumper´s knee Back pain Shoulder dislocation Thrower’s shoulder Finger injury Concussion

Incidence of injury in young handball players during national ...

Most injuries occurred in the head/face (n = 53, 31.4%), followed by the ankle/foot (n = 41, 24.3%), knee (n = 23, 13.6%), and wrist/hand (n = 22, 13%). The most common injury type was sprain (n = 64, 37.9%), followed by contusion (n = 50, 30.0%) and wound (n = 35, 20.7%).

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Handball Injuries - Sinew Therapeutics

Some studies have suggested that ankle sprains account for at least 25% of all handball injuries. Since the sport requires sudden stops and starts; fast sprints; and sudden, frequent changes in directions, it’s easy to see how the ankle is a high-risk injury site in handball. The ankle joint is stabilized by several strong ligaments.

Aspetar Sports Medicine Journal - Handball and ACL injuries ...

Among factors reported are: being out of balance, being pushed or held by another player, trying to evade a collision with an opponent and having an unusually wide foot position.

Preventing injuries in handball

der pain in field players and elbow injuries among goalkeepers, are not uncommon in handball, minor injuries and overuse injuries are not so well recorded in hospital records, insurance statistics or in national surveys that commonly focus on the more acute injuries which are immediately recognisable by ath-lete, team partners and coaches.

Epidemiology of Handball Injuries

Reporting Inconsistency…. •Most widely used classification of injury severity. in the handball literature are: - minor injury (1–7 days absence) - moderate injury (8–21 days absence) - major/severe injury (>21 days) Adult Injuries. •Senior/Adult level -. incidence of time-loss.

Handball Injuries: Epidemiology and Injury Characterization ...

A sports medicine analysis of the incidence of injuries and accident epidemiology of indoor handball sports in senior players in the Federal Republic of Germany after 1981. Sportverletz Sportschaden. 1990;4:65–8.

Rehabilitation of ACL Injury in the Handball Player ...

Handball players with ACL injury (whether treated surgically or non-surgically) must complete a high-quality, supervised, criterion-based rehabilitation programme with high adherence. The overarching goal of rehabilitation after ACL injury and/or surgery is to restore knee function so that the player can participate fully in all aspects of life, with an acceptable risk for reinjury and post-traumatic osteoarthritis.